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Diving in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

2DIVE4 are your PADI diving school who have safely trained hundreds of divers from Cambridgeshire here in the UK and by finding this page you are perhaps wanting to learn to scuba dive.

Diving is the fastest growing leisure sport that there is and ranks among the very safest sports in existence. This is no accident. Since the invention of the Aqua Lung back in the 1940's we have learned a lot about the reasons divers of old frequently suffered from the bends, or decompression sickness. A lot of this safety aspect can be laid at the door of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors or as we call them PADI.

Here at 2DIVE4 we are PADI certified to train to all levels from beginner to full Instructor.


Space suit

Perhaps you have noticed how the divers of old looked so like astronauts?

Each of these occupations involve us being in places we were not designed to go. However research and science has made diving extremely safe providing you were properly trained and obey the rules.

Few of us ever totally follow the rules but with diving it is very important that you do, so if you learn to dive with us here at 2DIVE for you will be taught why each rule exists and the possible consequences of ignoring these rules.

We can teach you safe scuba in just two weekends and at a bargain cost of just £469

Take the first step and try a dive with us in a pool under close supervision for just £39.

Original diving

Each month we do a 'Try Scuba" at a pool in Hoddesdon, or Bishops Stortford in Herts. Here you can experience the sensation of being weightless and being able to see underwater.

After doing the 'Try Diving' in Hoddesdon most people sign up for the PADI Open Water course where the training is in 3 different modules. Theory and videos are carried out at out Diver Training Centre in Elsenham, Essex. Whilst the first few dives are carried out in a swimming pool in Hoddesdon in Herts and your qualifying dives will be in one of several lakes. You can see our Diving Venues Here

Just two weekends are all it takes to gain the PADI Open Water qualification and that will not only enable you to dive in Cambridgeshire but throughout the world, to a depth of 18 Metres.

  Diving with seals on the English coast.  


So, if you are anywhere in or near Cambridgeshire take the first step and call us today on 01279 815559


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Scuba Diving in Cambridge with a professional PADI Dive Training Centre.
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