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Learn to Dive in Essex

Here at 2DiVE4 we have been training divers from all over Essex from the simple 'Discover Scuba' experience, where a new diver gets the opportunity to try out scuba with close supervision.

If you are a novice thinking of learning to dive then let us tell you a few things about this fast growing sport.

Ask any diver how it feels to be fifty feet underwater, seeing things never seen before by any other human being and the response is likely to contain the words 'man was not designed to be there.' which is extremely true, but with the kind of training offered by us you will be safe and yet experience many feelings that an astronaut would. A definite feeling that to us you are in an alien environment seeing and touching things that no human eye or hand has ever touched and feeling the excitement at discovering the fish do not react to a diver in the way birds do to humans on land.
The video below shows seals reacting to and playing with one of our divers.

Diving Essex and the UK for excitement like this.

If you would like to learn to dive in Essex 2DiVE4 are a PADI certified diving training center and once you qualify as an Open Water diver with us your PADI qualification will be recognised all over the world. Open Water Diving Qualification
As a novice you can learn our sport and become qualified as an Open Water Diver over two weekends.. Then not only is the world your oyster you can go and see the oyster in it's natural habitat if you wish.

Once you are qualified we can also kit you out with your own diving gear from our Diving Equipment Shop for Essex
We have been established for over a decade and we are enabled by PADI to train to all levels of recreational diving from Open Water right up to being a professional Instructor, as well as running technical Diving courses on things like wreck Diving and the use of enriched air for longer underwater time.

Whilst novice divers all start with air as the breathing gas, we do courses for divers using enriched air as well a a Helium mix for the more technically qualified.

Once you have qualified as an Open Water Diver in Essex you can dive anywhere in the world and we regularly run trips to the coast for some sea and wreck diving as well as trips to places like The Red Sea, or the Maldives or Galapagos Islands.

Based in Elsenham, near Stansted 2DiVE4 is just 40 minutes away from Chelmsford and we conduct training in many locations all over Essex. Diving in Essex.

Call us TODAY on 01279 815559 to start the journey of a lifetime.




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Learn to dive in Essex, UK with a PADI training school.
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