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PADI -Learn to scuba dive in Essex, Cambridgeshire or Herts

PADI Diving Courses in Essex, Cabridgeshire and Herts

Scuba Diving is the enjoyable and fulfilling hobby you can imagine. It will keep you relatively fit, keep you in touch with the environment and take you to places you would’ve never previously dreamt of going to. On top of this you will discover a whole new world that very few other people have ever seen before and meet a host of new friends along the way.

To start this amazing journey you need to become a qualified diver. The entry level diving course you will need to participate in to become a qualified diver is called the PADI Open Water Course. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the most popular diver training agency around the world and 2DiVE4 Scuba School, based in Essex conduct the entire range of PADI scuba diving courses from beginner right through to instructor level and beyond. The minimum age to start is only 10 years! See the links column for Discover Local Diving .

2DiVE4 conduct the full PADI Open Water course over two weekends, offering you one to one supervision on all the open water qualifying dives as standard. See the link on the right for Padi Open Water Course. See more from the link on the right, for the PADI open water course.

Your journey will start with a simple phone call to 2DiVE4 on 01279 815559 to order the PADI Open Water Course study materials. 2DiVE4 will send these to you within 24 hours for you to start studying straight away. The study materials include The PADI Open Water Course manual that you need to read and the PADI Open Water Course DVD that you need to view at home. Once you have chosen your course dates you will attend the first weekend by arriving at 2DiVE4 Scuba School on the Saturday morning and Sunday morning to complete the two mornings of theory with your instructor.

On Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon you will go to our pool location where the 2DiVE4 dive team will conduct your five pool dives, teaching you 24 skills that you will master over the two afternoons. All the skills you will be asked to do can be viewed on the PADI Open Water DVD, to give you a good insight to what you will be doing.

At the end of this first weekend you will have successfully completed all the theory modules and pool modules of the course, leaving just the four open water qualifying dives to complete the following weekend at our lake environment, or on a holiday of your choice.

During the second weekend at our training lake you will be asked to complete two open water dives each day. During these dives 2DiVE4 will give you one to one supervision and we will ask you to perform a number of skills that you mastered the previous weekend in the pool.
On this weekend 2DiVE4 will provide you with thicker wetsuits, wet hoods and wet gloves to prevent you from chilling during these four lake dives.

At the end of this second weekend we will be shaking your hand and saying “Congratulations, you are now a PADI Open Water Diver”. This certification allows you to go diving with another qualified dive buddy anywhere around the world down to a depth of 18 metres without any supervision.

We would always recommend that your first few dives after your PADI Open Water Course you would choose to have a dive guide with you, until you have fully built up your confidence to dive without any supervision.

One way of building your dive skills and confidence is by enrolling straight onto the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. This course is made up of five adventure dives and takes only two days to complete. The best thing about the course is that you spend most of the time diving and only minimal time in the classroom.

Two of the five adventure dives are compulsory; the deep adventure dive and the underwater navigation adventure dive. The remaining three adventure dives can be chosen from a list that include wreck diving, enriched air diving, underwater digital photography, search and recovery, computer assisted multi level diving and many more to choose from.

Each dive will be supervised by one of our dive team and we will ask you to complete a few skills during each dive, relevant to the specific adventure dive you are doing.

On successful completion of the PADI Advanced Open Water Course we will certify you to dive down to a depth of 30 metres, which will open up many more dive sites for you to explore.

There are many more courses on the PADI ‘ladder’ of education for you to participate on. The next core course after the PADI Advanced Open Water Course is the PADI Rescue Diver Course. 2DiVE4 structure this course over 3 days where you will learn various rescue techniques for self rescue and buddy rescue in various different scenarios.

To become Rescue Diver trained you will need to have a current and valid first aid qualification within the last two years. 2DiVE4 can conduct the Emergency First Response first aid course in one evening leading up to the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

If you are considering taking up scuba diving as a hobby I would highly recommend you complete the above courses with 2DiVE4. These courses combined will give you excellent knowledge and practical skills that will help you become a confident and competent diver.

Club days and dive trips

2DiVE4 run a busy scuba diving club and have many dive club days and weekends scheduled throughout the year. These days make excellent opportunities to meet other divers, go diving in different locations and build up your own dive buddy list. The more dive buddies you have, the more opportunities you will have to go diving!

2DiVE4 also plan many scuba diving holidays each year. We travel to many locations all around the world such as the Red Sea for the amazing fish life, wall dives and spectacular wreck diving and the Maldives for the giant manta rays where you will experience close up manta rays and even whale sharks, the biggest fish on the planet.

We also organise scuba diving holidays to the magical Galapagos Islands where you will dive with literally hundreds of Hammerhead sharks on a single dive. There are also sea lions, marine iguanas, Galapagos sharks, giant sun fish, huge whale sharks and penguins!

This year we have an amazing Philippines live aboard holiday where we will spend 10 days sailing around the Philippines diving all of the best dive sites in the area. These dives will include many wreck dives and some spectacular reef diving.

Scuba diving equipment

2DiVE4 supply complimentary kit hire for our PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses. However you are encouraged to start building up your own kit that fits the diving you are intending on doing.

2DiVE4 are a dealership for all the major scuba diving equipment brands around the world. Apeks, Aqua Lung, Oceanic, Hollis, O’Three, Forth Element and Poseidon are all brands that 2DiVE4 currently stock.

We have a stock of Oceanic dive masks and snorkels that will suit the simple snorkeler right up to the advanced diver.  For the bigger items I would recommend Aqualung for BCDs, Apeks for regulators, O’Three for dry suits and Forth Element for under suits.

We have a full stock of kit to suit many budgets and can order in from our suppliers for a 24 hour delivery on all products.

If you are looking to fully kit yourself out 2DiVE4 can offer you a number of package deals to suit your needs.
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