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Scuba diving in Chelmsford- Diving Essex

Scuba Diving in Chelmsford, Essex.

For more than a decade 2DIVE4 have been training scuba diving to people in and around Chelmsford.


It wasn't until the 1940s that Jacque Cousteau developed the self contained underwater breathing apparatus, which we all refer to as SCUBA. Until that time diving was a very cumbersome and basically dangerous operation. The diver was usually connected to a ship with an umbilical air line.

Having little or no understanding of blood chemistry the 'Bends' was a common occurrence and certainly this was no occupation .

Since those days though there have been many, many improvements in both the diving equipment used and our understanding of what is safe.

Indeed, safety is at the very heart of Professional Association of Diving Instructors or PADI for short and scuba diving is now one of the safest sports that exist as evidenced that there is an official and certificated diving course for children as young as 8 years old, the 'Bubble Maker' course.

Most people begin their diving by having a trial dive for an hour in a swimming pool under close supervision and this experience costs just £39

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After experiencing the 'Try Scuba' the majority of people will go on to do the PADI Open Water course, which teaches you to dive safely not just in Chelmsford but all over the world to a depth of 18 Meters.

The PADI Open Water course takes just 2 weekends and takes place in 3 different locations. The theory and learning with videos takes place at our Dive Centre in Elsenham which is just 35 minutes from Chelmsford. The diving training will take place at our pool in Hoddesdon, Herts. The final qualifying dives can be in a variety of inland lake environments.

  Scuba diving with seals on one of our trips away from Chelmsford  


So come on people of Chelmsford take the first step in this exciting adventure right now and call us on 01279 815559


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Scuba Diving in Chelmsford and Essex
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