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Scuba diving in Chelmsford- Diving Essex

Scuba Diving in Essex

It may surprise you to know that there are literally thousands of qualified scuba divers in Essex. Perhaps it will surprise you less if we tell you that scuba diving is the fastest growing sport there is.

Can you Imagine yourself underwater playing with playful seals just off the UK coast? Well here is a taster.

  Scuba diving with seals. Not Essex but still the English coast.  

Each month we have a 'Try Scuba' experience where interested people can do a trial dive under close supervision in a pool at Hoddesdon. Then, if you wish you can do what the majority of people do next and that is to enroll with a professional diving training centre and become a PADI qualified scuba diver. That is us here at 2DIVE4.

The PADI Open Water certification is far and away the most common scuba diving qualification The PADI certification you will receive is recognized all over the world allowing you to do holiday diving anywhere.

What is involved in doing scuba diving training in Essex?

You can become a qualified Padi Open Water diver in just 2 weekends at a cost of just £549

It is not by accident that scuba is one of the safest if not the safest sport there is. Safety is the first thought of all PADI diving training. Your training as a PADI Open Water diver is part theory and video which is done at our dive centre in Elsenham which is near Stansted in Essex.

Then we have practice dives in an indoor pool in Hoddesdon Herts where you learn to control your buoyancy so you can go up and down in the water or simply hover.

The final part of the course is four open water dives in one of the better lakes where you will first experience the true excitement of the underwater world and having close proximity to fish and other underwater creatures. See our scuba diving venues

Later you can improve your diving skills and become qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 30 Metres and then you can try some technical diving like diving with enriched air where your diving tank is filled with air that has roughly double the amount of oxygen found in normal air and this will extend the time of dives by as much as 50%. Or you can learn to safely dive the thousands of shipwrecks around the UK coast.

Here at 2DIVE4 we are qualified and teach all PADI courses from the Padi Open Water course right up to the professional qualification of Instructor.


So, if you are anywhere in or near Essex take the first step and call us today on 01279 815559


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Scuba Diving in Essex with a professional PADI Dive Training Centre.
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