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Technical diving in Essex and Cambridgeshire.

What constitutes technical diving is in a continuous state of change. A few years ago diving with enriched air (Nitrox) was considered Technical Diving and yet today as a diving gas it is close to overtaking air in it's use.

Technical diving generally has to do with 3 main aspects. Learning to dive safely in a particular kind of environment such as wreck diving or cave diving or night diving all of which require particular skills to be safe and here at 2DIVE4 we are a PADI school specializing in such courses..

Other reasons for learning Technical Diving are to allow divers to either extend bottom time with Nitrox for example or to allow divers to go deeper than is possible with regular air mixes and learn to use helium gas mixes such as Trimix.

We also do courses in re-breathers which produce no bubbles and generally enable you to get a lot closer to the marine life.


  Imagine yourself diving with seals on the English coast.  


So, if you are anywhere in Essex, Cambridgeshire or Herts take the first step and call us today on 01279 815559




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Technical diving centre for Essex, Cambridgeshire and Herts.
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